Young Girls with Red-colored Dress during SIGNIS Indonesia’s 2018 Annual Meeting in Ketapang Diocese (4)

Young girls with their red coloured dress during the week-end mass in St. Gemma Galgani Cathedral Chuch in Ketapang, West Kalimantan Province. (Mathias Hariyadi)

EVERY time you come to Kalimantan and watch a local traditional dance, then a group of young female dancers will likely gain your attention. A common view will come to light as spectators’ attention may be focused on this beautiful traditional dance: their red-coloured dress, variety of accessories, and the music.

According to Anselmus Molly Paher, a local Dayak prominent figure in Ketapang, special colours will dominate the traditional dance: red, yellow, black, green and white.

Red  means brave representing Kamang Ghost who always helps the Dayaks to win any battle with warring parties.

Yellow means honored, dignified. Black represent the presence of evil and white means good and green means prosperity.

Such kind of traditional dance by young girls are commonly performed to public to showing respect and honor to guests coming to their housing compound.

During the 2018 annual meeting of SIGNIS Indonesia in Ketapang Diocese, West Kalimantan, this traditional dance by these red-colour dressed young girls are also performed.

Be the Light and Energy of the World to Humanity, Ketapang Bishop to SIGNIS Indonesia 2018 Participants (3)

These following photos will tell you the details.

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