Buku baru karya Romo Baskara T. Wardaya SJ.

INDONESIA, as you can see and feel every day, is a nation of interesting paradoxes.

It comprises of more than 16.000  islands with hundreds of ethnic and linguistic communities, but it is one nation with one official language.

It is the largest Muslim-majority country in the world, but it is governed under a democratic system, and it is one of the largest democracies on the planet.

It is a nation known for being rich in natural resources since colonial times, but until recently refined oil and gas are imported.

“Keeping Hope: Seeing Indonesia’s Past from the Edges”, buku baru Romo Baskara T. Wardaya SJ.

It is an island-nation surrounded by sea water, but for its daily consumption of salt the country said to be importing from other countries.

In its early days,  Indonesia declared itself a democratic republic, but the first two presidents intended to rule as long as they wished, just like a hereditary king.

It claims to be religious and ‘full-of-smile nation’, but there has been no official regret for the killings of hundreds of thousands of human done by its citizens half a century earlier.

Indeed, it’s a land of interesting paradoxes.

By using informal historical approach, this book is an invitation to the reader to sit back and reflect upon past events, issues, thoughts and hopes that are still very much operative in Indonesia today.

The result might be the discovery of bright insights not only for keeping the hopes alive but also for creating a better collective future.

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