25 Februari, St. Laurentius Bai Xioman

25 Februari, St. Laurentius Bai Xioman By Kevin Sanly Putera onFebruary 25, 2017

AWAM asal Guizhou ini mencari nafkah sebagai seorang pengrajin. Ia mati dipukuli dan dipenggal daripada menyangkal iman Kristen pada 25 Februari 1856. Ia dikanonisasi oleh St. Yohanes Paulus II.

Also known as

  • Lawrence Pe-Man

  • Laurence Pe-Man

  • Laurentius Bai Xiaoman

  • Luolong



Born to a poor family, and orphaned as a young boy. Layman. Day labourer in Guangxi, China, and then in the village of Yaoshan. Married in his early 30’s, he was the father of one daughter, and was known as a kind and honest man. Convert, joining the Church c.1855 and taking the name Lawrence. Spiritual student of Saint Augustus Chapdelaine. When he protested the arrest of Augustus, local officials ordered Lawrence to renounce Christianity; when he refused he was arrested, tortured and sentenced to death. Martyr.


  • c.1821 in Shuicheng, Guizhou, China as Loulong





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