My Daily Reflection and Prayer: Tuesday, 2 December 2014

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DEAR my friends,

Here is the Gospel for us today according to St. Luke 10:21-24.

Jesus rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said, “I give you praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike. Yes, Father, such has been your gracious will. All things have been handed over to me by my Father. No one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son and anyone to whom the Son wishes to reveal him.”

Turning to the disciples in private he said, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.
For I say to you, many prophets and kings desired to see what you see, but did not see it, and to hear what you hear, but did not hear it.”

This is the Gospel of the Lord. Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ.


From the Gospel today we know that the Lord Jesus Christ wants us to live in joyful hope. We must live in confident expectation that He will come again to fully establish His kingdom of righteousness and peace.

Jesus’ prayer tells us about God and about ourselves. First, it tells us that God is both Father and Lord of earth as well as heaven. He is both Creator and Author of all that He has made, the first origin of everything and transcendent authority, and at the same time, goodness and loving care for all His children.

Jesus’ prayer also contains a warning that pride can keep us from the love and knowledge of God for pride closes the mind to God’s truth and wisdom for our lives. Jesus contrasts pride with child-like simplicity and humility.

Simplicity of heart is wedded with humility, the queen of virtues, because humility inclines the heart towards grace and truth. Pride is the root of every sin and evil we can conceive, but humility is the only soil in which the grace of God can take root.

In Perpetual Adoration of the Eucharist, we ask Jesus to grant us the grace of humility which inclines us towards God and disposes us to receive God’s wisdom, grace, and help. Let’s seek God’s wisdom and grace with humility and trust through our adoration.

Let’s pray: Lord Jesus Christ, give us the child-like simplicity and purity of faith to gaze upon Your face with joy and confidence in Your all-merciful love, now and forever. Amen.

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